How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

30 Day Challenge

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    Suki..I just wanted to give you my support and love. Really really tough times for you and a very difficult situation. It’s impossible to nuture ourselves when we’re feeling such disgust and disappoint within.

    Keep coming back and posting your feelings.

    Wishing you a loving and sane day.



    Suki I feel similarly, except that after it all went downhill on Thursday for me (I haven’t posted since then as I was hoping to have something positive to say but I don’t!) it’s gone in ups and downs each day, but every day has included some kind of bingeing, ending with today’s binge just to get rid of the cornflakes so that I couldn’t be tempted any more or be reminded of how I’ve been eating them. It’s a shame really that I feel like I’m gradually doing this with more and more foods, sometimes not sugary at all, and that therefore my relationship with not only chocolate/sweet things is bad, but with most food – carbs, fatty food, sweet food – anything that’s not ‘raw’ seems to be problematic…however this is what I would recommend Suki: start each day with a brisk walk/jog/swim if possible – I find that really sets me up for healthy and sensible eating as I feel that my body craves only healthiness after exercise. And perhaps there’s a library or a friend’s house that you can study in so as not to be alone? I really believe once the stomach shrinks and the brain stops wanting to stuff it full life with food gets a lot easier – it’s just getting there again in the first place!

    Tobebingefree I do definitely agree about bingeing becoming a habit – I think that’s why after my 6 successful binge-free days last week once I binged 2 days running the habit got going again and now it’s been 4 days running :( It’s not even much unhealthy food (mainly cornflakes) but it’s the fact that I’ve started feeling like I have to grab and eat without needing or really wanting it at all… I was planning to swim/run before work each morning but I know that’s not realistic as I start work at 7:30am and although I finish at 12:30 and so should be able to exercise during the afternoon in theory I’m always knackered so have no drive because there’s always something on in the evenings and so this leaves little time for sleep…hence more unhealthy urges to eat unnecessarily!

    Penny may I ask how you only weigh 102 pounds if you usually binge regularly? Is it because you have other days where you only consume 600-900 calories? I used to restrict myself severly the day after a binge but that was before I got so out of control that even that’s usually no longer possible…

    Keep up the hard work everyone! :-)



    Suki, don’t give up hope, maybe you could get out of the house, or ask your roommates to put their food somewhere more private? Its never too late to stop!

    Mels, I definitely agree with what you said about the stomach, after about a week/10 days my stomach definitely adjusted so that I feel a lot more conscious of the fullness feeling and it makes me not want to eat more, whereas before I was always in the mood to eat! Its just getting few the first few days which is hardest. As for my weight, when I started binging it was normally only once a week (around September) and I’d just diet for the week and stay the same, but as the binges got worse and more frequent I would also try to restrict severely for a day or two after the binge so I wouldn’t gain weight. I did end up putting on around 5 pounds though, because,like you, I became unable to restrict the day after a binge and usually just ended up binging again, but luckily as of April I’ve managed to stop binging and so stop gaining weight before it made a huge difference to my appearance :)



    End of day 22, was ill today so indulged a bit more than usual but no binging. I need to get my sugar consumption under control though. Kepp going everyone and don’t give up!



    penny well done on three weeks! awesome :) thanks again for the further explanation about what you’re up to. i understand what you mean about the control side of things, i took ages giving up my spreadsheet and all the tracking and whatnot. it felt for a long time like i didn’t know how to eat any more unless i wrote it down first. so yeah, i agree, take your time and you will get there. i’ve also made the switch to a much higher fat diet with full fat dairy and it helps my satiety so much. hope you have the same result! how’s it going with your lunches this week? xxx

    mels yes i absolutely believe this is a habit, which is why you find yourself saying things like “i always binge 2 days in a row” and stuff like that. it’s also the main crux of the ‘brain over binge’ book that i keep wittering on about :) i found when i was in the depths of a 4 or 5 day binge, it would help to make just one good decision early on in the day, to choose something good for my body – exercise like you said, maybe walk instead of taking the bus, or even choosing a healthy breakfast over more binge food. or do someone a favour, help an old lady across the road :) anything that makes you feel a bit proud of yourself, to help jolt you out of the cycle xxx



    tobebingefree, I agree, I felt so full after breakfast after changing the dairy! Most of my lunches have been going well, though I have to admit today it was ww soup and a gu chocolate pudding with raspberries…..what can I say-it was delicious! :D

    Day 23 :) I’ve been eating a bit more junky food the last two days, though not excessive, and I can feel the difference- my body likes healthy food! I want to get back the energised feeling I had been feeling. Oh well, its a learning curve! I’ve been feeling a lot more like I’d rather be living than eating than usual, which is great- I think I’m finally putting food back in its proper place and starting to learn to eat to live, not live to eat :)



    Hello to everyone!

    This is my first time back since I got an “attack site warning!” when I last visited over a week ago.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    I wanted to share that this is my 24th day binge free!!!! Yay!

    I feel sooo good, I have been really changing. Wow!

    I have stayed away due to the site attack.

    You have been in my thoughts and the 30 day challenge has truly helped to keep me motivated (Thanks over_it!)

    Keep on keeping on, everyone.

    Regards and thankfully I haven’t gone, overtheedge in 24 days!!!! :-)



    22 days without a binge for me! :D



    overtheedge and kimwhit12, congratulations! How have you been finding it?

    Day 24 for me today!



    22, 24 and 24 days ladies are awesome. Inspiration for all of us to know that we can conquer BE’s also. Keep up the great work.

    Wishing you loving and sane days.



    It’s been getting a lot easier, and I’ve been finding myself not having as strong of cravings for sweets, though I do consume one everyday to keep myself sane, & have actually been finding it easier to choose healthier foods & exercise! Resisting binges was hard in the beginning but I truly find no reason to did it any longer & find that I am able to stop myself from stress/boredom eating :D



    Penny- thanks for sharing re your diet and means of calorie counting to keep your behaviour in check. So funny how it’s automatically assumed restrictive, but you’re just the opposite! You’re really working hard to get in tune with your body’s needs while tackling past behaviour and I think that’s great. I love how Tobebingefree calls it as a habit bc it truly is. I think it’s a coping skill that turns habit and eventually becomes our story and so the pattern continues! Sugar/carbs and that comforting serotonin release can become a drug just as easy as cocaine or heroine!

    I’m on the 6th day of my 30 day challenge. EMDR therapy was very helpful- the 2 days after EMDR are typically rough and I had urges to get full and embarked on 2 mini/healthy binges. Celery, pb & chopped prunes on top. Pb & rice cakes and many handfulls of goji berries. When I was feeling gross that evening, I let it go and did some affirmations. I’m in sales and the ups/downs definitely contribute to my stress and desire to binge. Managing current clients, chasing leads, and staying organized in piles of stupid paperwork gets very overwhelming and that’s a huge trigger for me to binge and ‘check out.’ My affirmations & meditations were that I can handle all of this and more. Stay focused in the present moment and handle each task at a time. This has been so helpful, but by habit of getting crazy full at night rears its ugly head daily. Any tips for the evening stuff? Apple cider vinegar has worked for me in the past and I’m going to try having a glass around 5pm to help.

    Thank you all for sharing, support & info. Suki & Eemslo, I noticed you both had some struggles recently and I definitely resonate with your frustration!! Sending love & strength your way bc every day is a new day- keep your intention to move forward! The past is the past & I’m creating a new story for myself. It’s an amazing process to learn your triggers and start training your brain to choose healthier options :) Practice makes perfect and we’re all here to support each other while we practice…

    Kim, Overtheedge & Penny, thank you for the inspiration!!! 30 days is right around the corner; loving the challenge and rewriting MY story <3



    kimwhit, thats great! Hopefully now you will have set the pattern for the rest of your life :)

    Smacksmgee, thank you! Hopefully I will finally work out how to be normal. Congratulations on day 6!

    Day 26 for me today, and I’ve decided I’m going to give up the scales. For me, they either give me an excuse to restrict to lose weight or a means to “justify” binge eating in order to gain weight. I’m going to try to just eat what I’m hungry for while still checking to make sure I get enough, and just go by how my body looks and feels. I feel like this has to be the next step for me – to stop seeing food as so wrapped up with weight loss and weight gain and view it more as for nourishment and enjoyment!



    Hi All!!

    Just checking in.

    It’s my 28th day binge free today!

    Interestingly enough, I had quit coffee about 5 months ago and started drinking green tea in the morning instead.

    I did this because even though I love coffee, I realized a corelation with a tendency to have extreme hunger later in the day after drinking coffee.

    After I stopped coffee, I slept better, was less tired and noticed an easening of extreme hunger in the evening.

    Yesterday, I went with friends and had coffee at a coffee shop and blamo! I was hungrier later in the day and night. It was a tough battle but I still didn’t binge that day.

    It was like a no brainer for the first time in my life! Why should I binge after not doing so and feeling so good without it for 27 days! Amazing!

    I didn’t need to. Wow!!!

    Thanks for listening.

    I wish you all the best.



    Well done overtheedge! I think its day 29 for me today but it could be day 28…I never thought I’d lose count of how long I’d been binge free!

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