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2nd post. hospitalisation

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    From the severe depression I’m going into hospital tommorow it was my choice. ill be on a food plan too so my portions are limited not by choice .. when I lost so much weight last yr I was having one meal per day if not at lunch time then it was at dinner my ex suppressed my diet with the severe anxiety I had. But this is about me now and this yr I started having breakfast again. Started off healthy, but last time I was in hospital for depression everyone kept bringing me chocolates and lollies so I ended up craving sugar all the time, I ate 3 boxes of cookies over the weekend. This is not the girl I used to be. I don’t ever get full atleast my body doesn’t know when its full. I eat myself silly to numb everything and to have something to enjoy. Food for me in this life has always been the bestfriend/enemy more like the backstabbing bestfriend you could say. I dont think we will ever see eye to eye….



    hey self-control..i know wat u r going thru.and its good dat u’ll be on a diet there r times when one cant do it alone and only an externally regulated programme helps..GOOD LUCK !:)

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